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9/11 Commission: Massive Truth Omission

Few government reports are ever noticed by the public, let alone become list toppers at Amazon.com. The fact that the report by the 9/11 Commission has done that is testimony to the covert backing this report is getting from the ruling circles of the American economic/political system, as they deem this publicity necessary in order to advance their goals. And its recommendations and what has been left out are far more significant than what its analysis of the events of September 11 is.

In short, the many unanswered questions about the events which took place on 9/11 were not touched by the Commission, let alone investigated, let alone answered. Instead, the panelıs report was one massive justification for the ³war on terrorism² from beginning to end, focusing on better ways to fight this war. In this, it simply reflects the mandate given it by the Bush administration and a complicit Congress/Democratic ³opposition². Numerous reports of forewarnings to the U.S. government and a lack of reaction by the U.S. Armed Forces during the attacks (the ³Stand-down²) were only touched on in the context of ³errors², ³intelligence failures², ³flat budgets², an outdated structure, bureaucratic rivalries, and ³sloppy/negligent operating procedures², as if the very thought of government foreknowledge was inappropriate and unthinkable. (see for example
No investigation of the huge jump in options trading in the stocks of the two airlines involved on 9/11, United and American, was pursued once federal investigators determined there was no connection to bin Laden, as if no other connections needed to be investigated. But all this is rapt attention compared to the historical background of al Qaeda, the alleged perpetrator, the identities of the hijackers, and the physical evidence from the 3 different sites.

Al Qaeda is treated as an external entity which was recognized as a threat but was simply not dealt with properly by the U.S. government. Information which shows al Qaeda to be a CIA operation from the very start, with its intelligence agency connections persisting into the Summer of 2001, has never been explained, and it isnıt explained here either.
Why, how dare you even claim a link? And this extends to amazing details like the supposed hijackers training in Florida, and working overtime to create a trail of evidence,something that every covert operation which tries to stay secret does, of course. No questions at all were raised about the still-incomplete nature of the passenger lists on all the four flights that were allegedly hijacked, or the lack of any Arab names on those lists, or the fact that several of the people named as hijackers have turned up alive.
Mass media broadcast a video of the alleged hijackers allegedly boarding Flight 77, which allegedly flew into the Pentagon. All sorts of questions have been raised about this tape.

The manner in which the WTC towers collapsed, details of which contradict the official explanation of the collapses being the result of the plane collisions and ensuing fires, was nowhere even mentioned, as after all the official explanation must be obviously true, right? Well, actually, many researchers have pointed out that the official explanation violates some basic laws of physics, and the photographic evidence shows them to be quite right. See for example sites like
http://911research.wtc7.net,http;//www.cosmicpenguin.com/911 and http;//www.serendipity.li. Likewise no discussion in the report re the collapse of WTC7, which was not even hit by a plane, nor experienced major fires.

Photos of the Pentagon immediately after being hit show a hole much smaller than a 757 which supposedly hit it, with no wings or tail or plane parts outside that hole (a physical impossibility), and cable reels and a fence that could not be cleared by a 757 flying so low as to hit the Pentagon the way it was hit on the ground floor, but all this may as well not exist if one reads the report. See the same sites listed a few lines back, as well as
http://home.comcast.net/~skydrifter/exp.htm and http://no757.batcave.net.
And Flight 93 is deemed to have crashed after the passengers rose up and stormed the cabin, causing the hijackers to crash the plane, in spite of the fact that debris from the plane in western Pennsylvania was strewn over a stretch of 8 miles, something quite impossible due to a crash, and much more likely due to the plane coming apart in mid-air.

A look at the Commissionıs composition explains a lot of this. Its membership on both sides of the supposed partisan aisle heavily represents elite organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Several of the members are officials who are most likely involved in the government complicity. The chief counsel worked for National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice during 2001. That the panelıs composition was not challenged in the least shows how deep the complicity runs through the American political establishment, and the facilitative role played by the mass media, owned by the same group of people which is represented on the Commission, i.e. the top 1% moneyed elite. A good analysis of the panel can be found at
http://globalresearch.ca/articles/LYN406A.html .

in spite of hopes by some researchers that the organizations of family members of 9/11 victims would hold the Commissionıs feet to the fire in quest for truth came to naught after the release. The Family Steering Committee gave the report its full endorsement, in spite of ignoring even the very small questions raised by the FSC, mostly regarding possible government foreknowledge. This hope was used by the said researchers to try and argue to others in the 9/11 skeptics community that questions about the physical evidence and the hijackers not be raised in the interest of unity. Lots of valuable time was thus lost in such debates, with nothing to show for it except this cover-up report and its acceptance by the FSC.

Not content with a mere cover-up, the Commission proceeded to issue recommendations as to what to do about a problem it deliberately misdiagnosed in the first place. The Reportıs recommendations amount to nothing less than a quantum leap in the build-up of the police state, which has been 9/11ıs main domestic legacy. Number one in these is he set-up of a new central intelligence center to subsume all 15 existing intelligence agencies and to place a ³czar² at the top of this center who would be a cabinet-level officer with actual administrative powers. The Democrats have in fact attacked the Republicans for failing to go all the way and adopt this recommendation full scale. Thus we have the ³liberal/progressive² sector of the political spectrum (at least that part that the mass media provides any visibility to) playing the spearhead role in calling for further strengthening the authoritarian state, much as that sector has played a role in keeping questions about the actual events of 9/11 from
being raised, let alone answered. This is indicative of the big task which falls to us, and the fact that we will have to step completely outside the existing political system in order to accomplish it, sooner than later, as the hour is indeed getting late.

by Jack Straw

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